My name is Eleanore Kue. As both a medical doctor and a pastor, I have had the privilege to help thousands find their physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Have you ever felt stuck? I pray this website will meet you where you are and help you find answers that will transform your life.

-Eleanore Kue


Healing Hands Healing Heart


Part 1: Healing Hands

    This book is the inspiring story of God using Dr. Eleanore Kue to accomplish His purpose. Dr. Kue was born in Cameroon, Central Africa, at a time when babies were dying for lack of appropriate medical care. God used an American missionary to save her life. She studied medicine in France before moving to the USA with her husband, Simon Kue. Dr. Eleanore Kue’s life was transformed by the power of the gospel, and for the first time, she experienced the love she had longed for.

    Her life seemed to come full circle when, on a medical mission trip to Cameroon, she felt called to medical missionary work in America. She has dedicated her life to serving the uninsured in the inner City of Lansing. She meets the medical and spiritual needs of patients from a dysfunctional culture through a nonprofit organization called “His Healing Hands.” Shortly after opening the clinic, she realized that patients’ needs more often required spiritual rather than physical remedies, and she planted a church to bring real healing to her patients. Recognizing that the children were the key to breaking the cycle of a dysfunctional and damaging culture of abuse, Dr. Kue’s focus shifted to teaching and loving the children. In spite of physical and spiritual opposition, danger, and setbacks, her ministry has grown. In its first seven years, her clinic has served more than 20,000 people. Through her ministry, Dr. Kue is witnessing God’s power to transform a life, a neighborhood, and a culture. She is known as someone who loves and cares for the least of these—feeding them, clothing them, eating with them, and bandaging their wounds.


Part 2: Healing Heart

    While she was taking care of His children, God healed Dr. Kue’s wounded heart. She was raised in a patriarchal male-dominated society where women and young girls are abused by the men who should love and protect them. Dr. Kue came to see that her life and her own culture were not so different from those of her patients. She married her high school sweetheart and, before long, their relationship became emotionally destructive. In 2015, while she was attending the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary studying for her Doctorate in Ministry, God opened her eyes to her own brokenness and need for healing—and started the healing process. Dr. Eleanore Kue confronted her husband, launching a journey of emotional and physical discovery and healing. During her crisis and a time of isolation, she deepened her understanding of God’s Word, coming to understand her identity in Christ and her power as God’s child. Her love for God’s people deepened, and she experienced new freedom and character building. God is nurturing a new dream to return to Africa to teach and empower women and young girls to be all that God has called them to be and, in the process, help change the culture of abuse.

    Because of God’s healing and restoration, Dr. Eleanore Kue and her husband, Simon, recently celebrated 25 years of marriage. They have three children (Jessie, Kimberly, and Simon Jr.) who have shared their mother’s heart for and been a blessing to the clinic and the church.


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